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African-American Heritage Festival

Updated: Oct 2, 2022

A Time to Celebrate African Culture & History in Hampton, VA

The Hampton African -American Festival in downtown Hampton, Virginia had been a favorite educational and entertainment attraction for 25 years. But after a hiatus of not having the event, Project 1619 Inc. was approached about restarting a festival to showcase Hampton’s rich African American history and culture. In 2021.

In 2021, the Hampton African American Heritage Festival was created and had their first festival at Mill Point Park in downtown Hampton in June. This cultural event showcases the cultural flavor and color of our African ancestors through dance, music, poetry, spoken word, and a street market for food, clothing and art.

This festival is held the last weekend of June each year to complement the 30,000 patrons attending the Hampton Jazz Festival held at the Hampton Coliseum, which is also held the last weekend of June.

A commemoration and celebration of African American History and Culture through music, food and art.

See some of the photos from the festival in 2022.

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