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Tomorrow's Success
Starts Today

History is more than a moment in time. It is more than the moment it tries to describe.


Equally important is what we choose to look at when teaching it, the lessons we learn from that narrative and how we choose to represent it in our present and future.. 

We Made
a Promise

To promote Hampton’s rich African-American history.

To construct a National Memorial at Fort Monroe to honor and remember the 400th Anniversary of the landing of the first Enslaved Africans on English occupied territory at Point Comfort in 1619, today’s Fort Monroe in Hampton, Virginia,

To promote the birth of William Tucker in Hampton and his legacy as being the first documented African child born and baptized in America.

To promote the Contraband of War heritage;. to remember the victims of the Transatlantic slave trade that still impacts our lives.

To bring event organizers, individuals and organizations to the table to discuss sharing a vision for 2019 and beyond. To discuss how we can collectively collaborate to produce quality events.

To be a resource to other groups who are creating events by sharing contacts and resources. Project 1619 shall be a grassroots organization to receive financial donations from the city, the state, and from around the country.

Get Involved


Tell us how you'd like to get involved.

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We look to our community organizations, business leaders and individuals to help us continue and expand our efforts. 


Become a vendor at one of our many events.


Join us as we continue our mission to educate, preserve and promote the narrative of the first enslaved Africans .

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We are a non-profit organization. Your donation will help to ensure the success of our mission.  We appreciate your support.

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