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Flower Petal Ceremony

Updated: Nov 6, 2022

In remembrance of....

Millions of our Afrikan Ancestors perished in the midst of a watery grave without markers, with having to endure the most horrendous treatment and experiencing the worst crime imposed upon any peoples on the planet. Their plight was so inhumane that reaching effects of it still promote emotional and psychological scarring upon the descendants (victims) of the Transatlantic Slave Trade today.

People gather at that moment in time to acknowledge The Most High for his covering and keeping of them and to pay homage to those precious lives that were “taken.” Not only during the voyage of the transatlantic but those that were “taken” in the insanity of enslavement on the continent. We empathize with those who weren’t “taken” but murdered or heart broken on such a demonic scale.

"We do not celebrate but commemorate."

We honor them with eternal love by placing flowers in the body of water that brought them to this place so far from everyone and everything that they knew. Here at the waters edge we, their descendants, not only share the flower petals but their pain, emotional sensitivity, and tears as well..

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About the Author:

Larry Gibson is a board member for Project 1619 Inc. His travels have led him to countries throughout Afrika where he has led Ethics Conferences empowering (Ujana) youth and adolescence in Character Education, Relationship Development, Conflict Resolution, Spiritual and Ethical Awareness.

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