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Looking Back, Moving Forward 

"20 odd" & 25 plus years

In 1619, John Rolfe recorded that "20 odd Negroes" had landed at Point Comfort (today's Hampton, VA). Over the past 25 years,, Project 1619, Inc. has worked to correct and promote the narrative of the landing site of the first enslaved Africans.


Today, there are a number of groups that are dedicated in the effort to elevate awareness and significance surrounding the year 1619,  The institution of slavery and its impact  continues to  influence our interactions in today's society.  Our  work continues.  Moving forward,  we hope to expand our efforts to collaborate with more groups, organizations  and individuals in order to achieve our goals and fulfill our mission in a more comprehensive manner.


Recent & Future Events

We've been in the business of researching truth in African-American history for a very long time,. And, we've promoted that history in a number of ways that have yielded positive and tangible results that have captured the attention of local, national and global audiences.

We feel there's still more that we can accomplish as a seasoned organization with the help of folks that are willing to work with us to expand what we do at this time and what we hope to do moving forward. We welcome everyone to join us.. We need volunteers to help us at our events, join our various committees, become board members and/or sponsors. We welcome the opportunity to help young people develop their understanding of our history and in the process prepare them to become informed leaders in their communities.  Help us make a difference.  

You are invited to join us. We welcome your participation.  Click the button below to learn more.

Past  Events  

What We Do  

Lecture Series

Group lecture series focusing on the history of the first enslaved Africans landing at Point Comfort.


Workshops and panel discussions that focus on   the legacy of slavery and today's society.

Guest Speaker

Guest speaker engagements that focus on the work of Project 1619, Inc. initiatives. 

Community Engagement

Project 1619,, Inc. works with organizations, business leaders and individuals to facilitate educational programs, activities and counseling services that seek to improve the quality of life and togetherness in our communities.


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