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Our Journey 

Seeking Truth in History

In 1994 members of the organization started a national campaign to dispel the false narrative that the first Enslaved Africans who were kidnapped from Angola, Africa, landed at Jamestown, Virginia. The First Enslaved Africans landed at Point Comfort, present day Fort Monroe in Hampton, Virginia on August 25, 1619.

Point Comfort is Ground Zero. It is the ancestral land where African human bondage began in English North America. Point Comfort represents the beginning of African and African American  history and culture in what would eventually become the United States of America.   


Our Story

On Thursday, October 26. 2021,  Project 1619, Inc. premiered  their presentation on the First Enslaved Africans brought to English North America on August 25, 1619.


Meet The Team

Our Associates

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Our National
Advisory Board Members

Dr. VanDella Menifee

Prairie View, Texas

Prof. Robert Watson

Professor, Hampton University

Kathryn Knight

Book Author, Historian, Genealogist

Mr. Andrew Williams, Jr.

President, Five Point Foundation Inc.,

Los Angeles, California   

Ada Brown

Roots to Glory Tours

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